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Following is a list of Websites with similar or complimentary visions to Live Sacrifice. We certainly have not reviewed or endorsed all the material on these websites, but trust that they might in some way be beneficial to you.

Primitive Christianity
This site is dedicated to those who are seeking pure, genuine Christianity. By no means do we want to leave the impression that we have recaptured this in its fullness. We continue seeking. What is here is simply sharing what we have learned.

Welcome to the website for Scroll Publishing Co. We are a small publisher of Christian books—but not ordinary books. If you’re looking for superficial solutions to problems facing today’s church, or if you’re seeking a restatement of traditional answers, you probably will want to look elsewhere.
Our books are purposefully provocative—challenging our readers to explore and return to the historic Christianity of the primitive church. The majority of our publications pertain to the early church, the church that existed prior to Constantine’s attempt to blend Christianity with worldly power.

Our goal is to provide sound, Biblical teaching in an age of compromise and apostasy. It is our desire to be an encouragement to those who are sincerely following Jesus. We also desire that the messages would bring a tremendous heart change to seeking souls.
Where revival fires burn,
toward the hearts, toward the homes,
and unto the uttermost parts of the earth.

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